Midnight works after a 6 hour drive from SoCal. I never sleep much these days, too busy being a nerd. Installing an HW-PBASS pickup I designed this week. AlNiCo 5 magnets, PE Wire, at 10.2k. Went after a 70’s PBASS spec with a little more under the hood. Sounds huge and very open. back it off a little on the volume/tone knob with the .047 oil cap in effect, and you’re in dub/Cumbia territory. It’s actually not work when you are hanging with close friends like Mr. Dave Padilla. Lucky to say, all my clients are my friends, and all my friends are my clients. Improving tone one person at a time. @alldaveallday #pbass #vintagemodern #Dub #cumbia #pbass #jhernandez #toneconsultant (at Hwy 85)

Weekend warrior. Ready for travel. This weekend it’s product presentations & session work. Showing my personal custom set: HW-Old School Beatdown (Brushed nickel cover), and Valentina (zebra). The #OldSchoolBeatdown is a predecessor My interpretation and nod to the #NYHC sound. #Valentina is my take and improvement/personal voicing of a vintage/modern PAF style pickup. Equipped with JHD oil caps, coil taps and a few other tricks under this hood. And threw on an old aluminum tailpiece, for no specific reason. For an LP Studio, it’s alive. #lespaul #hwpickups #jhernandez (at Petu’s Palace )

Tele time! HomeWrecker T-Juice sets for delivery to @keith_holland_guitars . And one set for myself to use in a session I have tomorrow night. Vintage Modern vibe. Bridge is ballsy rock meets disgruntled P-90 tone. Neck is super smooth and syrupy. AlNiCo 3 magnets. I like these. A cross between my HW-Honey Badger set and the Vintage wind I do. Originally wound for my childhood friend from ESSJ @tjuiceram8two #HWpickups #jhd #jhernandez #tele #vintage #rock #TJuice (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Compromise. I’m definitely not the first or the last. Needed 4.7k resistors.. None to be found. I have 2 10k’s.. Put em in parallel, and since their tolerance varies greatly.. It makes 4.9k Close enough! (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Boss DS-1 mod tinkering. I dug up a diagram I made from 2001 that I did with my old DS-1. This is not something I looked up on a forum. It’s from a college electronics research/graduation project explaining different parts of the circuit and their effect on overall sound. This JJ2001 mod… It’s vastly louder than stock, which the stock volume was never loud enough, I eliminate the buzzy sound the stock ones are plagued with, boosted midrange, it also cleans up way better at low gain settings. As well as really emphasizing the velocity of your pick attack. I tend to hit very hard using a #SteveClayton 1.26 triangle pick. It now really shows that dynamic. I’m either using a bright Blue, Green or Yellow LED to denote which mod. It’s night and day. #boss #ds1 #bossds1 #mod #pedalmod #greeneye #jhd #homewrecker (at Petu’s Palace )

Elementary work here. Modding a DS-1. I feel like I went back 15 years in time. It’s a buzzy sounding pedal to begin with, but you can do some really cool tailorings. I like it for low volume stuff. Not loud enough to drive the amp the way I like it. Next I have 2 TS-9 Tube Screamer, Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and SD-1, OD-1. I’m not becoming a pedal mod company, nor competing with the great Keeley, AnalogMike, or JHS. It’s just another service I’ve offered for many years, since soldering is 2nd nature.. It all started because old mod found it’s way back to me, now I have several commissions to replicate them. #ds1 #bossds1 #boss #pedalmods #easypeasy (at Petu’s Palace )

Testing my new product design. This is a milestone of my R&D/Experimentation. So I made me a Strat version of my Tele Honey Badger/Honey Comb set. Oh my.. This is my new favorite neck single coil, as this has a very distinct sound I can’t quite label. It’s a mix of many references. AlNiCo 3 w/plain enamel wire at 6.7kΩ. The A3 magnet is very interesting to work with. In a nutshell, depending on if it’s a modern or vintage output. It’s very warm with plenty of snap/spank. The modern wind is a nice blend between huge #SRV Texas overwound single coil tones with #Hendrix style smokey overdrive. Tested with the following OD pedals: TS-808, LovePedal Eternity Fuse, Klon and Bogner XTC blue pedals. I cannot believe the frequencies present here. I had a feeling this would translate well to the #strat platform. I will be adding this to the HomeWrecker product line and new site. It plays/blends/balances really well with others when combined. So I will offer it as a single pickup and as a custom balanced set. So excited this came out better than anticipated. Win! #tele #hwpickups #jhernandez #jhd #klon #tubescreamer #custom #bogner #texas #cali #milestone

Found it! Lost it for a few months.. Played a show with this guitar missing its plate. This is a Lefty upper control plate for a #Fender #Jaguar This piece is damn near impossible to obtain left handed. Found a site that makes replacements at $45 a piece. I have in the works an online left handed parts store. Top notch machined lefty parts from strat/tele/jag pickguards with custom configurations and more. It will solve a lot of parts issues that us southpaws endure. Stay tuned. #lefty #lefthanded (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Sifting through my collection/investment I made over the years. I have enough NOS (new old stock) wire to really cause a dent in the boutique market. But I’m holding out for the right moment. Here is a spool NOS 43 awg Formvar from 1971. Some killer #Tele sets can be done with this. Leaving this for the real HomWreckers, the women behind my operations to tango with, as female artisans winding coils sound superior to men’s hands and machines. The old wire does have a different sonic flavor. Probably all the lead content in the insulation. For more info and special orders, contact HWpickups@gmail.com #nos #vintage #coil #artisan #hwpickups (at Petu’s Palace )

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