Music & #GoPro video editing tonight. Soundclips & short videos of the new AlNiCo 3 products con mi gorda Candy supervising. Fascinated w/ the sight of sound waves in #logic thinking they are fully edible, as she licks the screen. Always hungry, & surprises me with random energy, so a game of Tug-O-War did the trick for burning off a little steam. #terrier #gorda #hwpickups @pamegrs (at Petu’s Palace )

Playing Upside down/strings reversed lefty with @statiskuo ‘s Brian May guitar. This is normal for me due to the abundance of right handed instruments. I play with the low E on top with my personal leftys. All of my basses are all righty , and I play with the Low B on the bottom. To me it feels more natural. Don’t ask why, I’m wired very strangely. #hwpickups #brianMay #lefty #southpaw #jhernandez (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Mr. Bobby Mathis and I in the lab. This guy is a beast on the bass. Checking out his custom F Bass from #Canada. And finally getting around to setting up my hand built stained blue utility #Tele for next weeks session work. Yes it says ESE on my headstock. East Side Engineering. @bobbymathismusicla #hwpickups #homewrecker #HoneycombHW #HoneyBadgerHW #6string bass
#fbass #EastSideEngineerjng #ESSJ (at Petu’s Palace )

Test rig for #Jaguar combinations. HH (dual humbucker), single coil and P-90 versions. I have a lot of pickguards to design and cut out, can’t wait any longer. Amp: #Fender Hotrod combo. Pedals used for many flavors: Ecstasy Blue, #Tech21 NYC XXL, #Jacques Mercer Box and 2 HomeWrecker proto pedals. One super high headroom overdrive/Boost, very #Klon tube screamer like w/ the voltage doubler I added and w/out the nasally midrange-hump. Smacks a plexi in to glorious natural overdrive. And an obnoxious Germanium Fuzz/OD. For both pedals I deigned, Treble & Bass frequencies distort/clip differently, I figured out how to separate and control for 18v maximum headroom. Stay tuned for a very limited pedal line this next year. (at Petu’s Palace )

So that’s where the small leftovers went.. I usually do not question La Petu in her domicile. My fault for not emptying the trash. At least she’s eating healthy, probably why her coat is an amazing ivory color. #westie #hungryDog @pamegrs (at Petu’s Palace )

Yep, I finally decided to start making rail pickups. I have the rail portion in black as well. Winding the prototype in the next day. The bobbin is much taller than the standard bucker/p-90 bobbin. So that means brighter result. I’m thinking of using obscure AlNiCo 6, 8, 8HC, or 9 as my test magnets. I’ll surprise you with outcome. #hwpickups #jhernandez #rail

Research project. Reproduction of this 1949 #Broadcaster. I’m seriously wrecking shop here in SoCal. I was chosen/contracted over several other heavy hitters 2 weeks ago to be head of R/D and in charge of winding the pickups. I have vintage correct Dodge-Inca late 40’s early 50’s 43awg heavy #Formvar magnet wire in my cabinet sitting for a special occasion like this. HomeWrecker will be offering a Broadcaster series as well. Stay tuned. For the record, thisbis probably one of the the best vintage guitars I have ever played. #fender #vintage #1949 #jhernandez #hwpickups (at Camarillo, California)

Feeling very blessed right now. I got to hang with MJ who embraced my works/creations. For those who don’t know, MJ is Seymour’s right hand woman. Who wound some of the most amazing pickups of our time. What an amazing human being she is. Let’s just say I will be returning here. #seymourDuncan #MJ #hwpickups #jhernandez (at City of Santa Barbara)

Mercedes 300e Spark Plug/Bujia perfection. Cleaner than my blueprinted #396ci #Chevy. These have been in at least a year with numerous trips from the Bay Area to LA to Mexico. Means my engine at 200k miles is running tip top with Zero oil issues. 80’s Mercedes can easily go up to 300k+ miles. #bosch #likeaBosch #benz #mercedes #300E (at Hernando’s Auto Chop )

#TeleTime Must epoxy these baseplates otherwise they come right off upon installation of the screws. Soon to be cutting my own, slightly thicker, material for a better Q, and pre tapping the plates for easier screw installation. This one clocks at 12.5k #tele #hwpickups #jhernandez (at Hernando’s Auto Chop )

Midnight works after a 6 hour drive from SoCal. I never sleep much these days, too busy being a nerd. Installing an HW-PBASS pickup I designed this week. AlNiCo 5 magnets, PE Wire, at 10.2k. Went after a 70’s PBASS spec with a little more under the hood. Sounds huge and very open. back it off a little on the volume/tone knob with the .047 oil cap in effect, and you’re in dub/Cumbia territory. It’s actually not work when you are hanging with close friends like Mr. Dave Padilla. Lucky to say, all my clients are my friends, and all my friends are my clients. Improving tone one person at a time. @alldaveallday #pbass #vintagemodern #Dub #cumbia #pbass #jhernandez #toneconsultant (at Hwy 85)

Weekend warrior. Ready for travel. This weekend it’s product presentations & session work. Showing my personal custom set: HW-Old School Beatdown (Brushed nickel cover), and Valentina (zebra). The #OldSchoolBeatdown is a predecessor My interpretation and nod to the #NYHC sound. #Valentina is my take and improvement/personal voicing of a vintage/modern PAF style pickup. Equipped with JHD oil caps, coil taps and a few other tricks under this hood. And threw on an old aluminum tailpiece, for no specific reason. For an LP Studio, it’s alive. #lespaul #hwpickups #jhernandez (at Petu’s Palace )

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