Late night decisions. Measuring magnet sizes, to go with bobbin height. Very crucial to the outcome tone wise. Taking the P-94 game to the next step. I’m releasing a few models with rod magnets instead of pole screws. Very unique sounds we are achieving here. #hwpickups #p94 #custom

Gearing up for major pedal modifications. One more service I specialize in, along with sarcasm. Been doing this for 15+ years, just never took it seriously. I must thank a few who I learned quite a bit from along the way. These guys are the current pioneers of pedal mod/design, RG Keen, Jack Orman, JD Sleep, Aron Nelson, Analog Mike, Robert Keeley, Pete Cornish, Dave Koltai, Jacques, Brian wampler , etc. Sorry if I forgot anyone, because there are many more. @wamplerpedals #hwpickups #pedals (at Petu’s Palace )

#Gibson T-Tops anyone? NOS bobbins and the actual Green poly wire here for the T-Tops. Sound? I can nail the original spec and a few new models with my own twist. Next is the spool of 1950’s 42awg Plain Enamel. I have nearly 7lbs of it. #HomeWrecker is not following the flock replicating PAFs. I’ll leave that to the other % of pickup makers to continue to chase their tails, while charging $500 USD a set to forum guys willing to pay and brag on their threads about it. I’ll release a full report of the metallurgical analysis I executed. Quite hilarious and not surprising of what’s really going on underneath that hood. #hwpickups #itsAlreadyBeenDoneBefore (at Petu’s Palace )

Custom made PCB’s. Elevating my nerdy madness. Don’t worry I won’t become a pedal builder. I leave that to my many few designers to carry out that duty. Testing out a few creations designed in 2002. All translated from jumpers on a terminal strip. A method I used to create small booster circuits on that worked very well. Revisited the schematic, destroyed, erased, improved, etched a few extra boards and viola! Put two of these together, add a feedback loop and you have a super thick #germanium driven tube like breakup. Muse meets #SiameseDream. #nerd #pedals #schematics #hwpickups #pcb #AC188 #OC44 #fuzz #overdrive #rock #edm #punk #younameit

Newly designed custom strat set. Utilizing different types of rod magnets for each position. Hybrid in many ways, magnet wise, bridge is wound via proprietary machine, N/M are handwound. A5 (Bridge), A2 (Middle), A3 (Neck). Why? Because I was able to easily balance 2 different variations. Also nobody goes this route. Sound clips coming soon. Fully balanced Vintage & Modern output options available. My favorite set so far. #jhernandez #hwpickups #singlecoil #custom (at Bigg Al’s Bate Cueva)

Injured in style! Super fancy home made Birdseye Maple splint, for a painful dislocated pinky. Have to figure out a way to work and pull off these shows this week without re injuring it.. again. Compromise.

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