NightWinder over here. LA was a little warm to use the winding machine earlier. Heat makes my tolerances fly off the charts. Here are 2 more Custom tuned Punisher + sets ready for the wax and to ship 1st thing tomorrow. All made by hand. Bridge rates at 16.2k with an AlNiCo8. Neck is 7.1k with an AlNiCo4. #hwpickups #homewrecker #hechoAmano #jhernandez #NightWinder #rock #punk #edm (at Fight Club)

My version of a competition mustang. Finally finalized. Simple electrical setup here. A few of us collaborated and worked on this piece to get it right. @anonymousguitars @alpha_genus @toddcreatedwood @samibishlawy Don’t forget the final addition, the Jimmy Clip. Players, do yourselves a favor and pick up a set of these! #jimmyclip #hwpickups #anonymousguitars #alphagenusguitars #toddcreatedwood #jhernandez #rock #edm #custom

More holy grail of NOS plain enamel copper wire next to the almighty Juki. 43awg for vintage hot S/T, jazz, p-bass and humbuckers. Been unraveling my wire investments from the passed 15 years. The best has yet to come..7LB spool of 1959 42awg PE and 50’s Blue PE from Russia. These will be LIMITED edition. Contact me at to talk variety and what works best for you. #nos #vintage #tele #strat #singlecoil #jazz #pbass #hwpickups #juki

La (nueva) Mera-Mera de Handwound Pickups. Pamela is amazing artist specializing in charcoal, oil, acrylic portraits/paintings, also a sculpturist and recently jumped in to Pyrography (wood burning). Which will be applied to select custom guitars and some of HomeWreckers limited edition Stomp Boxes/Pedals. Pam is winding some of the better single coils I’ve used lately. They have been put to the test in my main Recording/Live guitars and are excelling with a really broad/open overall EQ Balance. All in all.. She’s just a certified badass at anything crafty. Fact: Master craftsmen/Luthier say that women have the finer eye for detail, especially with an art like pickup design/creation. This is proof. Majority of the best #Gibson #PAF & #Fender pickups of the 50’s & 60’s were created primarily by women. Check out Abigail Ybarra of Fender custom shop. Responsible for those early classic fender tones. More artisans/collaborators TBA. #hwpickups #plomera #meramera #artist #handwound #art #rock #edm #punk #singlecoil (at Fight Club)

Out partying on a Friday? Not this one… Take a look at what I just found in storage. NOS (new old stock) 42-43 AWG Heavy Formvar wire. Perfect for authentic 1950’s - early sixties single coils. Glad I purchased these many years ago when I had the chance. As you know now this stuff costs USD Arm + Leg. Been collecting this for the past 15 years! I have a few bins of NOS Plain Enamel and this. PE spools dating to 1959! A few Formvar spools that date 1952. These will be available as custom orders and are purely handwound by Pamela or myself. And very reasonably priced too @pamegrs #fender #vintage #hwpickups #vintageModern #custom #handwound #NOS #rocknroll #edm #punk #soul #R&B (at Fight Club)

Prototypes. April is going to be a month of single coils. Soon to be HomeWrecker Flatliners. Here is my research and specs so far… AlNiCo 8 rods, front is wound with Plain Enamel 43awg wire measuring 13.9kΩ, the other one I used 42awg at 9.6kΩ Obviously designated for the bridge position. They both have their own unique characteristics. So far.. Very aggressive, quick response, crunchy and great high end bite. I’m going mess with the tension and gauss levels (magnetic charge) to see the different results that occur. Then choose the variations I like from there. #hwpickups #jhernandez #singlecoil #rock #edm #punk #ResearchAndDevelopment (at Fight Club)

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