My stress toy. A gift from a client who got it at a Stryker meet n greet. Thus the “to hell with the devil” written on it’s belly. I rarely get frustrated, but just looking at it makes me laugh before squeezing the life out of it!

So I ran out of theaded phenolic spacers for steel poles, and replaced them with AlNiCo2 rod magnets… I can’t believe how good it sounds. This is a P94, humbucker sized P90.. Time to give it a name. Perfect P-90/Strat single coil hybrid. I made a few of these and messed with the bobbin/magnet height to see what sounded best. Next I will do a designated bridge and neck sets. So far A2, A4 are the winning magnets for the neck position. #hwpickups #jhernandez #strat #gibson #fender # (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Super pedal shootout w/@josafatpaniagua . New #Bogner pedals with #Neve transformers. Also an @emersoncustom Em-Drive, which does exactly what it advertises, its super transparent, and will be added to my board very soon. It stacks well with other pedals like the LovePedal Eternity. Put the Bogner Wessex against the LovePedal Eternity.. Close, but the Wessex is a bit warmer, tho the Eternity is a really unique tone/glass function. Burnley is a great full sounding OD character that will pair well w/clean combo amps. Conclusion: Women like excess pairs of shoes Joshy likes excess amounts of pedals. #hwpickups #lovepedal #emersonCustom (at Petu’s Palace )

Simplified view of a wiring flow chart I created for a double neck bass w/ stereo outputs. Sheldon Bonada you are nuts to have me do this. Both bridge pickups on one output, both neck pickups on the other output. With ability to select either one. Both at the same time as well. Ooof my head hurts . #doubleneck #bass #schematic #hwpickups #jhernandez (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

So hungry right now I’m about to eat my own products. Looks like an idea for a new logo! I’m obviously having fun here.. With everything going on it can get stressful. Life is really too short to let stress get the best of you. Think we all have been there at one point. Enjoy the ride your life path is on and process the moment.

Guess who’s finally finalizing the pickguard for the jolly rancher..This guy. Bye bye dummy guard, that wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, but great to experiment with the pickup placement. Settled on a slanted Humbucker in the bridge, and P-90 in the neck. Making it out of Bakelite! Maybe brushed aluminum later. I will have the template, eventually making different combinations. Next.. Obtaining a baritone conversion neck. #hwpickups #jollyrancher (at Petu’s Palace )

Proto Time at Bigg Al’s den. Awww. New Pbass ideas. That’s why the bobbin holes are opposing to mark as a one off. Not like it matters to the sound. I just sold my #Pbass too. Time to build another one. For now, and testing the rest, I have an older #musicman #Stingray , #Esp surveyor 5, and the one I baby, early 90’s ESP custom #Jazz Bass that’s like a geddy lee model but satin. #hwpickups (at Bate Cueva de Bigg Al )

Alright bassists. You asked for it. Fooling around with a clients laser cutter, and this is the result. I think I might invest in to one of them to make my own models. Shown is #Pbass, #Jazz. 4 string done 5 is next. Then long awaited soapbar w/ epoxy, music man casings, and wooden covers. They will be able to drop right in and replace current stock/aftermarket designs. Also a great collaboration in the works. Very excited about this one. Long awaited. #bass #custom #hwpickups #jhernandez #fender #musicman

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